Hiatus on WoW

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We’ve takend a hiatus on WoW.  Mikey and I are playing Eve Online, but the general consensus is that we’re gonna give star wars a try when it comes out.


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For those of you that are interested here is our in game contact info:

Server: Cenarius (PvE)
Side: Alliance

Contact me in game:  (Battle.net RealID)  joe <at> thejoe <dot> com

For Old guild mates looking to reconnect, currently Angel, DJ, Andrew, Mikey, Vince, Brian, and Myself are currently regularly playing.  Janu pops in from time to time.

If I don’t know you and you send a RealID request, I will deny it unless there is a detailed message attached.

Cataclysm and state of the guild update

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We’ve been busy moving these past couple of months and have finally settled into our new place.

We’re ramping up for the Cataclysm expansion and are excited to start playing again soon.   We will be starting Worgens and leveling our 80′s to 85.   Angel, DJ, Andrew, Mikey, and I will be at one of the So Cal midnight release locations.  (I hope to put it in the meetup calendar some time today)

As far as this site, we’re going to be re-working it and adding forums back in over the next few weeks. I am stuck on the platform I want to use.

After the Holidays, we’re going to add some local meetups and hopefully get some regularity to our meetups for those local to play together.

Yes, I know it’s 4am.  I hope this post is coherent.  I wanted to get this out there before I crashed  or else I would never had posted it.  :)


Order of Z

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We’ve decided to bring a site back online.   We’ll be propagating this with news, rules, and information regarding our guild.

We ask that if you wish to join, please go to the meetup page at http://www.meetup.com/OrderofZ/

Thank you for your patience while we get the site up.